Bargain price

Bargain price
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English-Arabic economic glossary.

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  • bargain price — ➔ price1 …   Financial and business terms

  • bargain price — / bɑ:gɪn praɪs/ noun a cheap price ● These carpets are for sale at a bargain price …   Dictionary of banking and finance

  • for a bargain price — adverb for a relatively small amount of money we bought the house for a song • Syn: ↑for a song, ↑at a low price …   Useful english dictionary

  • price — A fixed value of something. Prices are usually expressed in monetary terms. In a free market, prices are set as a result of the interaction of supply and demand in a market; when demand for a product increases and supply remains constant, the… …   Financial and business terms

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  • bargain — [n1] agreement arrangement, bond, business, compact, contract, convention, covenant, deal, engagement, negotiation, pact, pledge, promise, stipulation, transaction, treaty, understanding; concept 684 bargain [n2] something bought at cheap price… …   New thesaurus

  • Bargain — could mean some of the following: * The process whereby buyer and seller agree the price of goods or services. See bargaining. * An agreement to exchange goods at a price. * Such an agreement where one of the parties thinks the price is very… …   Wikipedia

  • bargain — bar·gain 1 n often attrib [Old French bargaigne negotiation, haggling, from bargaignier to haggle] 1: an agreement between parties that settles what each gives or receives (as a promise or performance) in a transaction between them compare… …   Law dictionary

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  • bargain — [bär′gən] n. [ME & OFr bargaine < OFr bargaignier, to haggle < Frank * borganjan, to lend, akin to OE borgian,BORROW] 1. a mutual agreement or contract in which the parties settle on what should be given or done by each 2. the terms of such …   English World dictionary

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